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Your Pre-Market Brief for 08/19/2020

Pre Market Brief for Wednesday August 19th 2020

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Macao says 29 of 41 casinos will reopen today, 12 to stay shut. ~1,800 gaming tables to be back in operation.

Macau’s gaming industry will reopen its doors tonight after its 15-day shutdown by the government as part of the authorities’ fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).
According to an announcement by the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre during its daily press conference about the viral threat, 29 of the city’s 41 casinos will reopen at midnight (00:00 on Thursday).
Officials said the remaining 12 casinos had asked the government to reopen later. The government earlier this week gave Macau’s six casino operators (Sands, Galaxy, SJM, Wynn, MGM and Melco) 30 days to get back into business.
According to the press conference, the 12 casinos that will remain closed until further notice comprise Sands Cotai Central; Melco’s Altira; Galaxy’s Waldo, Rio and President; and SJM’s Oceanus, Eastern, Macau Jockey Club (a casino adjacent to the Macau Jockey Club racecourse in Taipa), Golden Dragon and Casino Taipa, as well as Macau Palace and Greek Mythology (both have not been operating for a number of years).
MGM and Wynn each own two casinos. The four casinos will open tonight.
The casinos were temporarily closed by government order on February 5.
The relaunch will be gradual, as initially less than one-third of the casino employees will return to work.
Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) Director Paulo Martins Chan pointed out during the press conference that initially only about one-third of the six operators’ gaming tables will be operational, about 1,800 in total.
The government has imposed a string of restrictions on casino operations, such as that only three to four gamblers will be allowed to gamble at the same time on a gaming table, and gamblers must remain seated.
All casino workers and gamblers must wear facemasks, have their body temperature checked and submit a self-filled health e-declaration when entering gaming premises.
In the past, several dozen gamblers often crowded around a particularly “lucky” gaming table and many preferred not to be seated while placing their bets.
Among the 12 casinos not opening tonight are two SJM-owned casinos – Macau Palace and Greek Mythology – that have not been operating for a few years.
At the end of last year, the gaming industry comprised 6,739 gaming tables and 17,009 slot machines. It employed 57,840 people, around 44 percent of them dealers (croupiers), according to data from the Statistics and Census Bureau (DSEC).
In 2019, Macau’s gaming and betting businesses generated gross gaming receipts of MOP 293 billion (US$36.6 billion), according to DICJ figures. Direct gaming taxes – 35 percent of the casinos’ gross gaming receipts – generated 86 percent of the government’s income in the first 11 months of last year, according to data from the Financial Services Bureau (DSF).
The Macau Jockey Club has been allowed to resume racing.
Meanwhile, the government also announced during today’s press conference that Macau’s public parks and gardens will reopen tomorrow after a 15-day shutdown.
Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Elsie Ao Ieong U pointed out that Macau has not confirmed a new COVID-19 case since February 4.
The 10 novel coronavirus cases confirmed locally comprise seven tourists from Wuhan, the epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak, and three local residents.
The sixth novel coronavirus patients was discharged from hospital today.
The government today also announced stricter border control measures to prevent COVID-19 from spreading in Macau.
For instance, Macau residents who cross the city’s border checkpoints three times or more a day will have to submit themselves to a medical examination.
The new border control measures take effect at 00:00 tomorrow (Thursday).
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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Jul. 30, 2001

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-1-2001 1-8-2001 1-15-2001 1-22-2001
1-29-2001 2-5-2001 2-12-2001 2-19-2001
2-26-2001 3-5-2001 3-12-2001 3-19-2001
3-26-2001 4-2-2001 4-9-2001 4-16-2001
4-23-2001 4-30-2001 5-7-2001 5-14-2001
5-21-2001 5-28-2001 6-4-2001 6-11-2001
6-18-2001 6-25-2001 7-2-2001 7-9-2001
7-16-2001 7-23-2001

PROGRAMMING NOTE: There will be no Observer Rewind on Friday, because I expect to be recovering from a July 4th, 'Merica-induced hangover. Presuming I still have fingers left, we'll pick back up Monday.

  • The Invasion PPV is in the books and appears to have been a major success. As a show, it was nothing special. One great match, a good main event, and everything else was the usual decent, average, bad, forgettable undercard. Early signs are that this show probably did big numbers on PPV (yeah, that's putting it mildly). It ended with Austin turning heel again, after seemingly turning babyface just a week or two ago, and defecting to the WCW/ECW side. Dave talks about how Austin's brief face-turn seemed to reignite business. Raw ratings were the highest they'd been in 3 months, ticket sales for Invasion saw a major boost following the Raw angle with him, etc. Austin's heel turn at Wrestlemania led to an almost instant downturn in TV ratings and attendance so Dave seems kinda befuddled why they decided to do it again at Invasion, considering last week's babyface turn showed instant signs of improving business. Austin also worked the PPV with 3 broken bones in his back and 2 broken bones in his hand (suffered at King of the Ring). He has breaks in the L-2, L-3, and L-4 vertebraes in his back, but he gutted out the match anyway. Chris Jericho worked the show with a hyper-extended elbow and Kurt Angle has whiplash and a black eye.
WATCH: Steve Austin turns on WWF and joins the Alliance
  • They were literally still constructing the stage during the show. During the Heat pre-show match, you could see crew members sawing plywood and hammering stuff to form the left side of the "V" ramp. Chavo Guerrero had to come down the "WWF" side of the ramp because the WCW/ECW side wasn't finished yet. WWF usually books an arena 2 days in advance to do all the setup necessary, but a WNBA game was booked the night before and it went long (due to an N'Sync album release party after the game) and the WWF crew wasn't able to get into the arena and start constructing stuff until the morning of the show.
  • Other notes from the PPV: Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy stole the show, with RVD winning the hardcore title from Jeff. Dave gives it 4 stars. Speaking of titles, if they aren't going to run 2 separate companies, they desperately need to get rid of some of the belts because with all the WCW titles, it has practically doubled the number of champions. X-Pac was booed even though he was a WWF guy and they're supposed to be the babyfaces. And of course, it ended with the Austin turn with him joining the Alliance.
  • WWF has reached a temporary agreement with the bankruptcy court to be allowed to use the "ECW" name through the end of July. The trustee argued that the ECW intellectual property is owned by the ECW estate they are managing and WWF had been using it without authorization and the court had received complaints from several creditors that ECW owes money too. A couple weeks ago, WWF offered the court $150,000 to buy the ECW trademarks and tape library and were turned down. WWF upped its offer this week to $250,000. In response, the trustee agreed to allow WWF to use the name for now while they figure this out. WWF appears to be the only party interested in purchasing the ECW name and library so it's likely they will make a deal. There's a lot more to this but it's all boring legalese about trademark law and shit like that. Besides, we have a follow up story on this later in this issue....
  • Last week, Dave had a pretty big obituary for Terry Gordy, but he mentioned that he wasn't able to write a full one by press time. And this week, whew. He's got an exhaustively long obit. But he has more news on it. Gordy died of a heart attack caused by a blood clot in his home. He lived his Freebird gimmick and was a wild partier during his younger days and would get wildly out of control. Dave has stories in here from Michael Hayes and Ted Dibiase about some of Gordy's wild ways. He also tells a story of the Freebirds pissing on somebody and then adds "literally, as the Freebirds in that era were known for giving people they liked--and sometimes didn't like as well--golden showers." Like it was some sort of initiation thing I guess. Well okay then. He also recaps a story about the Freebirds debuting in Memphis and in their very first match on live TV, Michael Hayes shit his pants and had to go backstage during the commercial break to change. There's actually a lot of really funny stories in this obit. But of course, the partying got to be too much and shortly after winning the Triple Crown title in AJPW, Gordy collapsed at a Roppongi night club in Japan from an overdose and his heart stopped beating. He was revived and survived but Giant Baba stripped him of the title and nearly fired him. He managed to keep his job but Baba never fully trusted him again and never again pushed him to the top of the company. In 1993, at the absolute peak of his career (he was making $10,000 a week in Japan and $200,000 a year from WCW), he overdosed again on a flight to Japan and once again fell into a coma. Again, his heart stopped and he had to be revived with CPR. He spent 5 days in a coma and suffered severe brain damage. When he awoke, he was never the same. He had to relearn how to talk, how to walk, and eventually, how to wrestle. He tried to make a comeback, working small indies here and there and even brief runs in ECW and WWF, but the overdose had destroyed his in-ring ability. Despite his success and all the money he made in his career, Gordy died with very little money in the bank and no life insurance. They played "Freebird" at his funeral. Michael Hayes is coming out of retirement next month to take Gordy's place at an indie show that he was booked for before he died. Just 6 days before he passed, Gordy was backstage at the Smackdown tapings and was said to be mentally more clearheaded than anyone had seen him in years and seemed mostly like his old self.
  • NJPW had their latest Sapporo Dome show and Dave is perplexed by the booking of this company. The show was booked around the idea of NJPW wrestlers facing a bunch of outside wrestlers and MMA fighters, and the NJPW side lost almost all of the matches. Yuji Nagata lost to PRIDE champion Mark Coleman. Former RINGS fighter Masayuki Naruse won the IWGP Jr. title from Minoru Tanaka. Another PRIDE fighrer, Gary Goodridge, beat Manabu Nakanishi, and so on and so forth. The whole thing just made NJPW look weak and this has been going on for months now, with the NJPW guys never getting their wins back and MMA stars basically running roughshod over the company (yeah, we've reached peak Inokism now. This shit damn near killed the company in the early 2000s).
  • The trustee in the ECW bankruptcy case has hired lawyers to facilitate the sale of the ECW estate to the WWF. Right now, the lawyers have to untangle some stuff, particularly the fact that video game company Acclaim is still making a stink about the fact that they own 15% of ECW and that they should have the rights to it all since Heyman has folded it. But long story short, the lawyers are pretty much just trying to untangle all the legal red tape so that WWF can swoop in and buy it up when they're finished. Heyman's team is still gathering all the records they can and Heyman has to appear before the trustee next week. Heyman himself filed for personal bankruptcy last week, which most people expected. Heyman claimed to have around $2.8 million in personal debt from the filing and is owed $128,000 in back pay for himself (turns out the wrestlers weren't the only ones not getting paid. He wasn't paying himself either). In his filing, Heyman listed the WWF as his current employer, as a television writer, at a salary of $4,000 per month.
  • NOAH star Kenta Kobayashi has returned from his recent injury and they finally gave him a new name! Since his real name is so similar to one of Japan's biggest stars, he is now going by simply KENTA (and in 6 days, he's going to start kicking heads off in the 2019 G-1).
  • Bam Bam Bigelow will return to NJPW for the first time since 1992 to work the next tour. He'll be part of the G-1 World tournament, which is basically like the G-1 Climax, but for foreign wrestlers (I can't find any actual details on this tournament so I had to research it by looking up show results. Turns out Bigelow isn't in it after all. Don Frye ends up winning the whole tournament. Scott Norton, Scott Hall, Super J, Giant Silva, and others were also in it).
  • The elections for the Japanese Diet (their version of Congress basically) will be taking place this week and if you recall, Atsushi Onita is running. Polls indicate that Onita is likely to win, due to his name recognition and certainly not because of his political acumen. Satoru Sayama (the original Tiger Mask) is also running for office but he doesn't have the same mainstream name value and his chances aren't looking as good. But for what it's worth, Sayama has been traveling around his district, with the Tiger Mask on, campaigning for votes. Dave says it's hard enough to trust politicians when you can see their face but he'd never trust one wearing a mask. After all, a vote for La Parka could end up being a vote for DDP!
  • There's a shoot-fighting show happening in Japan soon, and it's notable because Dos Caras Jr. will be fighting a guy named Kengo Watanabe. Caras Jr. was a top tier amateur wrestler in Mexico and hoped to compete in the 2000 Olympics but it didn't happen. Dave doesn't know if he'll be wearing the mask or not, but if he does, he'll be the first person Dave knows off to compete in an MMA fight while wearing a mask (that would be Alberto Del Rio, and yes he wears the mask. Spoiler: Del Rio wins this fight when Kengo suffers a GNARLY broken arm less than a minute in. They have a rematch in 2002 and Kengo chokes him out to avenge the loss).
WATCH: Alberto Del Rio vs. Kengo Watanabe - 2001 shoot fight
  • Remember the Atlanta Gold Club strip club that is on trial for a bunch of racketeering charges and alleged connections to the mob? Well, a former dancer named Jana Pelnis testified this week that she performed sexual favors for Eric Bischoff's wife after the couple came to the club and took her to a nearby hotel. Pelnis testified that Bischoff's wife slipped her $200 before they got to the hotel and that the club owner gave her another $800 when she returned. Pelnis also admitted to performing sexual favors for other athletes, such as NBA players Patrick Ewing and Dikembe Mutombo. Eric Bischoff was called to testify the next day and he admitted the story, but also claimed to have been very drunk and said the night in question was a blur. Bischoff said he didn't recall having intercourse with Pelis and said he only recalled his wife and the dancer performing sexual acts on each other while he watched. Bischoff claimed it was a spontaneous thing, not prostitution, and that he later gave her another $100 after dropping her off because he wasn't sure if she had been tipped for lap dances she had done earlier that night at the club. Oh Eric, you scoundrel.
  • We have another case of a child being killed while doing wrestling moves. A 9-year-old boy in NC died after he suffered a broken neck when his 16-year-old mentally handicapped step-brother tried to perform some kind of wrestling move on him. The case immediately got national headlines and was compared to the Lionel Tate case that has been central to the WWF's lawsuit against the PTC. On MSNBC this week, they had a segment debating wrestling's influence on children and WWF Corporate Relations VP Gary Davis appeared on the show to defend wrestling and talked about how kids always imitate what they see on TV, argues that it's the parents' responsibility to monitor what their kids do, etc. Just the usual stuff.
  • Hulk Hogan says his plans to start a new promotion are on hold for now, saying the major TV networks aren't interested in wrestling right now. Some of the names that have been attached to Hogan's idea were Jimmy Hart, Sting, Bret Hart, Roddy Piper, Kevin Sullivan, Sable, and Chyna. Some of them aren't legally able to do anything until their WCW deals expire and others (like Bret Hart), Dave doesn't believe for a second were even considering it. But either way, not happening for now.
  • Sandman went on a radio show and said he's going to be starting full-time with a new promotion in Evansville, IN. He said the promotion will also have Curt Hennig, Sabu, Public Enemy, and a whole bunch of other former ECW stars. They already have their first show scheduled for the ECW Arena in Philadelphia and a few cities in between (that would be a company called Main Event Championship Wrestling. That first show had all the big ECW names on it, plus Buff Bagwell, Chris Harris, Mike Rotunda, and more. And far as I can tell, they never ran another show after that).
  • At another indie show this week, a bunch of ICP fans were heckling all the wrestlers. Steve Corino worked the main event and got into a confrontation with one of the fans and it got physical. Corino ended up having to be pulled off the fan by a bunch of other wrestlers. Corino out here beating up juggalos, you hate to see it. (Here's an article I found on Deadspin where someone who was there writes in and tells the story of what happened).
READ: Deadspin Wrestler Run-Ins: Steve Corino beats up a juggalo
  • The state of Nevada unanimously agreed to sanction MMA as a sport and confirmed that UFC 33 will take place at the Mandalay Bay Casino (fun fact: this show sucked and to this day, Dana White still calls UFC 33 the worst show they've ever done). Anyway, now that UFC PPVs are available on cable providers again, UFC is likely going to be the closest thing to competition WWF will have anytime soon. Dana White played down the idea of competing with pro wrestling, saying they compete with boxing. But he said if UFC gets a TV deal, he believes they could give WWF a run for their money.
  • On Sunday Night Heat this week, Bob Holly pinned Mike Awesome clean. Dave thinks that's a pretty dumb decision and that none of the Alliance guys should be losing yet, especially to undercard guys, but apparently some WWF wrestlers (Undertaker specifically) that have worked with Awesome haven't been impressed with him as a worker and, well, here's the result.
  • Dave finally read The Star tabloid interview with Chyna, where she talked about her reasons for leaving WWF and the Triple H/Stephanie affair. In regards to the affair, she said she was suspicious that Triple H (her boyfriend at the time) was cheating on her with Stephanie and said they admitted it when she confronted them. Chyna said she was heartbroken and had hoped to marry Triple H some day. But despite all that, she says it was unrelated to her leaving WWF, saying she left because they couldn't agree on money terms in her recent contract negotiations.
  • Chyna did another interview on a Boston radio station and said she was scared and excited to try her luck in the entertainment world without being "Chyna." She also said she was surprised when WWF pulled out of their contract negotiations. She blamed the death of WCW and Vince having a monopoly as the reason she didn't get the money she was looking for. Dave says Chyna was asking to no longer work house shows so she could be off during the weeks to pursue acting roles, while still making top star WWF money, and they weren't going for that. Plus, ya know, the other stuff....
  • Chris Benoit will be using the song "Whatever" by Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace as his entrance music whenever he eventually returns.
  • Kane filmed a Chef Boyardee commercial last week, along with the one the Dudleyz filmed. (I can't find the Dudleyz commercial, but here's the Kane one).
WATCH: Kane's Chef Boyardee commercial
  • Jim Ross did a conference call or something recently and talked about a lot of things. He said ECW didn't have the same number of fans WCW had, but said that WCW had eroded its fanbase so much by the end and said the ECW fans were much more vocal and passionate about the product. Said that Sting is 42-years-old and wants to stay home with his family and said he likely wouldn't be coming to WWF. Admitted that they were interested in bringing in Ric Flair and Goldberg, but it doesn't make economic sense for either side right now, since they still have those WCW contracts. Said a lot of the undercard WCW wrestlers they have under contract will be sent to the developmental companies like OVW or HWA so they don't get rusty and can improve some more. Said the long term goal is still for WWF and WCW to run as 2 separate companies, each with their own prime time weekly show, but there's no word on when that will happen. Said they haven't given any thought about what to do with the women's title now that Chyna is gone from the company and she was the champ, but Ross assumed they'll probably do a tournament for it eventually. Said he expects Jerry Lawler to return sooner or later, but he's dealing with some personal issues right now (yeah, Stacy had just left him at this point). Ross admitted that the locker room situation has been tense and uncomfortable lately, with the WCW guys trying to acclimate to the WWF way of doing things but said that aside from all the Buff Bagwell drama, there's been no serious issues.
  • Speaking of locker room tensions, there's a lot of concern about job security among all the lower and midcard guys. With so much new talent lately and no other place in the U.S. to make a real living as a wrestler, a lot of guys are worried about not being used. If you're off TV, it's "out of sight, out of mind" and so a lot of wrestlers are hiding serious injuries so they don't get taken off TV and forgotten about. Also, because of the pressure to look good and stand out from the pack, sources tell Dave steroid use is making a big comeback lately.
  • In a column, Jim Ross wrote some veiled comments about people in the company leaking information to the internet and how those sources have hidden agendas and are liars and blah blah. (*laughs in Meltzer*) Dave says this is in reference to recent internet reports that WWF is planning to release a bunch of wrestlers soon. Dave says the stories aren't entirely true, but they're not entirely false either, as there are a lot of names who are on the chopping block right now due to the fact that there's just too many guys and not enough spots, so he expects to see some people gone soon. Dave also says there's major heat on some people in the office right now for these stories leaking out, but no names mentioned.
  • Triple H has been backstage at the TV tapings for the last few weeks, helping with the booking of the shows. He was told by doctors that all this extra travel was putting him behind schedule on his rehab time and to stop flying out to every TV taping if he wants to make a full recovery. Triple H has decided to listen to the doctors and won't be going to the shows as much.
  • There was some minor heat on RVD at the Invasion PPV because his airbrushed tights had a skull on it, and that's Austin's gimmick. Goddamn, this petty high school nonsense, I swear......anyway, there was a mixed reaction to RVD's match backstage. Obviously, RVD and Jeff Hardy stole the show and a lot of people loved it, but others criticized it, saying it was only good because RVD had the "right" opponent and wouldn't be able to have that kind of match with anyone else.
  • The storyline on TV last week with Kurt Angle hugging Vince was an inside joke on DDP. Apparently, when DDP first signed his WWF deal, Vince went to shake his hand and DDP grabbed him and hugged him instead, like they were longtime friends. Apparently they found it funny and decided to parody it with Angle on TV.
WEDNESDAY: WWF financial details revealed, more on WCW purchase price, Vince Russo planning to be involved in new Australian promotion, Atsushi Onita elected to government position, Acclaim wants ECW, and more...
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*RGV Service Workers* Do you Approve of this Union labor Agreement? (Citywide $12+/hour) **CALL TO ACTION!**

Rio Grande Valley has seen significant economic growth, and yet that money lined to the lucky few isn't be given fairly to Service Workers like you, your spouse, your family, your friends. It has officially been 11 years since the 2008 recession, and yet we are still being paid recession poverty stricken wages.

**25.2%*\* of Mcallen lives below the Poverty line, (a quarter of Mcallen can't afford the bare necessities!)
The typical household income is $37,000, about $23,000 less than typical American income!! The salt to the wounds is it costs $49,000 a year for a family to live here.
Sources: Median income:
Sources: Mcallen Cost of living:

The cost of living in Mcallen is $49,000 for a family and yet out of fear, we are accepting sub par wages when we can do significantly better. Opposition says "Minimum wage for minimum work." however we shall refuse such non sense. Such ridiculousness that a quarter of Mcallen deserves to not pay their bills.

Fact: Right now the federal minimum wage and Texas minimum wage is a meager $7.25/hour , the living wage in Mcallen is at least $10.72/hour based on a 40 hour work week. Source:
Quote from the past US President Franklin Roosevelt who founded US minimum wage:
In FDR's 1933 address following the passage of the National Industrial Recovery Act, President Franklin D. Roosevelt noted that “no business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country.”
“By ‘business’ I mean the whole of commerce as well as the whole of industry; by workers I mean all workers, the white collar class as well as the men in overalls; and by living wages I mean more than a bare subsistence level — I mean the wages of decent living,” FDR stated.

What should the Rio Grande Valley do about it?, we should all get together and unionize!! If everyone in the Rio Grande Valley Unionized, the greedy companies wouldn't have a leg to stand on!
It's harvesting season (If workers go on strike, unharvested food and no company money, they'd have to comply, it's in their best interest) Sure farms might try to hire the undocumented, but it'd sure be grounds for a raid if the whole town was on strike and people mysteriously were working the fields for sub $8/hour despite no one else in the USA doing that.
Mcallen's a trucking hub (Under strict regulations/ NAFTA weakening), Most Mexican citizens cannot legally truck past the economic zone!, somebody's gotta move cargo from Mcallen to the north and it sure can't be Mexico!
No more HB1 temp work visas given out! ( If everyone goes on strike in the valley, no visas to take our jobs!)
Minimum wage is still $7.25/hour , still the same as 2009 levels
Employers can't legally fire you for unionizing!
Employers need workers to get work done

If Every Walmart closed down on strike, (imagine 100s of workers striking in Mcallen), nobody would be able to staff the place, Walmart requires 100s of people to operate! When americans no longer have Walmart, Walmart will need to cave in and accept the collective bargaining!

Under the Fair Standard Labor Act (Federal law) , just getting 30% of employees to form a union makes the union federally recognized and the employer has to legally collectively bargain with the employees!
If your trade is not on here, don't worry, simply google for a union in Texas that matches your line of work.
Every one of us needs to form a coalition to help protect the workers of this town.
What I think our universal labor demands should be?
To ensure effectiveness of The RGV Union, please join your union closest to your trade/line of work:

American Federation Teachers, Specialty: for any educators/teachers
Address; 2526 Buddy Owens Blvd, McAllen, TX 78504
A.F.T. phone number ; 956-682-1143
International Brotherhood of Teamsters; Specialties:
International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local #657
Address: 8214 Rough Rider Dr, Windcrest, TX 78239, USA
Phone number: 210-590-2013

United Food and Commercial Workers ; Specialty: Retail, food processing, health care, hospitality, agriculture, meatpacking, food.
UFCW Local No. 455
121 Northpoint Drive, Houston, TX, 77060
Communications Workers of America
505 W Washington Ave, Harlingen, TX 78550, USA

For Telecommunications, AT&T, wiring, Telecom
Transport Workers Union of America
2150 W 18th St #104, Houston, TX 77008, USA

United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America
5747 Greyrock Dr, San Antonio, TX 78228, USA

For Carpenters and those specialization in construction

United Automobile Workers

Specialties; Aerospace, Automobiles, and Farm equipment
3905 Broadway Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76117, USA
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers
Corpus Christi Army Depot 308 Crecy St MS 23 78419 Corpus Christi
If your trade is not on here, don't worry, simply google for a union in Texas that matches your line of work. Remember all of us need to form a coalition where we all agree that is enough is enough. Together we stand, divided and we are conquered. We shall not be divided, no matter who you are, every one of us needs each other to unionize and demand for what is right in this town.
What I think our universal labor demands should be?
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J.P. Morgan Early Look at the Market – Fri 10.6.17 **PLEASE DO NOT FORWARD THIS DOCUMENT**

J.P. Morgan Early Look at the Market – Fri 10.6.17

Morning Levels

Trading Update

Top Headlines for Friday

Identifying risks – what could go wrong?

Macro Update

Calendar of events to watch for the week of Mon Oct 9

Catalysts – big events to watch over the coming months

Opinion/Interesting-but-not-immediately-impactful/intra-day boredom reading

Full catalyst list

  • Mon Oct 9 – China Caixin services PMI for Sept (Sun night/Mon morning)
  • Mon Oct 9 – German industrial production for Aug. 2amET.
  • Mon Oct 9 – earnings after the European close: LVMH.
  • Mon Oct 9 – Columbus Day holiday in the US (equities will be open while fixed income is closed).
  • Tues Oct 10 – German trade balance for Aug. 2amET.
  • Tues Oct 10 – analyst meetings: TECD, Santander, WDAY, WMT
  • Tues Oct 10 – PG shareholder meeting
  • Tues Oct 10 – earnings after the close: CUDA
  • Wed Oct 11 – US JOLTs report for Aug. 10amET.
  • Wed Oct 11 – Fed minutes from the Sept 20 meeting (2pmET).
  • Wed Oct 11 – analyst meetings: KR
  • Wed Oct 11 – earnings before the open: BLK, DAL, FAST, OZRK.
  • Thurs Oct 12 – Eurozone industrial production for Aug. 5amET.
  • Thurs Oct 12 – US PPI for Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Thurs Oct 12 – analyst meetings: BOX, HPQ, LSCC, WDC.
  • Thurs Oct 12 – earnings before the open: C, DPZ, JPM, LNN, Sky PLC, Tata Consultancy.
  • Thurs Oct 12 – earnings after the close: EXFO
  • Fri Oct 13 – China imports/exports for Sept (Thurs night/Fri morning)
  • Fri Oct 13 – US CPI for Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Fri Oct 13 – US retail sales for Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Fri Oct 13 – US Michigan Sentiment for Oct. 10amET.
  • Fri Oct 13 – US business inventories for Aug. 10amET.
  • Fri Oct 13 – analyst meetings: SAFM
  • Fri Oct 13 – earnings before the open: BAC, DRFG, FHN, FRC, JBHT, Man Group, PNC, WFC.
  • Mon Oct 16 – China CPI/PPI for Sept (Sun night/Mon morning)
  • Mon Oct 16 – Eurozone trade balance for Aug. 5amET.
  • Mon Oct 16 – earnings before the open: SCHW
  • Mon Oct 16 – earnings after the close: BRO, IEX, NFLX, Rio Tinto
  • Tues Oct 17 – Eurozone Sept auto registrations. 2amET.
  • Tues Oct 17 – German ZEW survey results for Oct. 5amET.
  • Tues Oct 17 – US import prices for Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Tues Oct 17 – US industrial production for Sept. 9:15amET.
  • Tues Oct 17 – US NAHB housing index for Oct. 10amET.
  • Tues Oct 17 – earnings before the open: BMI, CMA, CSX, GS, GWW, HOG, JNJ, MS, Pearson, PLD, Remy Cointreau, UNH
  • Tues Oct 17 – earnings after the close: ADTN, BHP, CP, CREE, IBM, LRCX, NAVI.
  • Wed Oct 18 – US housing starts for Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Wed Oct 18 – US building permits fro Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Wed Oct 18 – US Beige Book. 2pmET.
  • Wed Oct 18 – earnings before the open: ABT, Akzo Nobel, MTB, NTRS, USB
  • Wed Oct 18 – earnings after the close: AA, AXP, BHE, CCI, CCK, EBAY, LLNW, SLG, TCBI
  • Thurs Oct 19 – China Q3 GDP and Sept retail sales, IP, and FAI (Wed night/Thurs morning)
  • Thurs Oct 19 – US Leading Index for Sept. 10amET.
  • Thurs Oct 19 – earnings before the open: ADS, BBT, BK, DGX, DHR, GPC, KEY, Nestle, Pernod Ricard, PM, PPG, Publicis, RCI, Roche, SAP, SON, Thales, TRV, TSMC, TXT, Unilever, VZ, WBC.
  • Thurs Oct 19 – earnings after the close: ATHN, ISRG, LHO, MXIM, NCR, PBCT, WDFC, WERN.
  • Fri Oct 20 – US existing home sales for Sept. 10amET.
  • Fri Oct 20 – earnings before the open: Assa Abloy, BHGE, CFG, CLF, Daimler, DST, GE, GNTX, KSU, SLB, STI, SYF, TomTom, Volvo.
  • Mon Oct 23 – China Sept property prices (Sun night/Mon morning).
  • Mon Oct 23 – US Chicago Fed Activity Index for Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Mon Oct 23 – earnings before the open: HAL, HAS, ITW, KMB, STT, VFC
  • Mon Oct 23 – earnings after the close: ARNC, CR, OI
  • Tues Oct 24 – Eurozone flash PMIs for Oct. 4amET.
  • Tues Oct 24 – US flash PMIs for Oct. 9:45amET.
  • Tues Oct 24 – earnings before the open: AMTD, Anglo American, BASF, BIIB, CAT, CLB, CNC, FITB, GLW, GM, INFY, LLY, LMT, MAS, MCD, MMM, Novartis, PCAR, PHM, PNR, R, RF, SAH, SHW, SWK, WAT, WDR.
  • Tues Oct 24 – earnings after the close: AKAM, AMP, CMG, COF, DFS, ESRX, IRBT, T, TSS, TXN.
  • Wed Oct 25 – US durable goods for Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Wed Oct 25 – US FHFA home price index for Aug. 9amET.
  • Wed Oct 25 – US new home sales for Sept. 10amET.
  • Wed Oct 25 – earnings before the open: ALK, ALLY, ANTM, Antofagasta, AOS, BA, BAX, Dassault Systemes, DPS, FCX, FLIR, Fresnillo, HBAN, Heineken, IP, IR, KO, LEA, LH, Lloyds Banking Group, NDAQ, NSC, NYCB, Peugeot, TMO, TUP, V, WBA, WEC.
  • Wed Oct 25 – earnings after the close: ABX, ACGL, AFL, AMGN, CLGX, DLR, FFIV, FTI, KIM, LSTR, NOW, ORLY, PKG, PLXS, RJF, TSCO, UNM, VAR, XLNX.
  • Thurs Oct 26 – US wholesale inventories for Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Thurs Oct 26 – US advance goods trade balance for Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Thurs Oct 26 – US pending home sales for Sept. 10amET.
  • Thurs Oct 26 – earnings before the open: Aixtron, ALLE, ALV, Anheuser Busch, APD, Bayer, BMY, BSX, BWA, CCMP, CELG, CHTR, CMCSA, CME, Deutsche Bank, ENTG, EQT, F, HLT, MMC, NEM, Nokia, ODFL, Santander, Schneider Electric, UNP, UPS, WM, XEL.
  • Thurs Oct 26 – earnings after the close: AIV, ATEN, CB, CDNS, EXPE, FLEX, FTNT, GILD, GOOG, HIG, INTC, LPLA, MSFT, NATI, PFG, SYK, VDSI, VRSN.
  • Fri Oct 27 – China Sept industrial profits (Thurs night/Fri morning).
  • Fri Oct 27 – US Q3 GDP, personal consumption, and core PCE for Q3. 8:30amET.
  • Fri Oct 27 – US Michigan Confidence numbers for Oct. 10amET.
  • Fri Oct 27 – earnings before the open: B, MRK, PSX, SC, TRU, Volkswagen, WY, XOM.
  • Mon Oct 30 – US personal income/spending and PCE for Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Mon Oct 30 – US Dallas Fed index for Oct. 10:30amET.
  • Mon Oct 30 – analyst meetings: CSX
  • Mon Oct 30 – earnings before the open: HSBC
  • Mon Oct 30 – earnings after the close: AVB, CGNX, RE, RTEC, VNO
  • Tues Oct 31 – US Employment Cost Index for Q3. 8:30amET.
  • Tues Oct 31 – US Case-Shiller home price index for Aug. 9amET.
  • Tues Oct 31 – US Chicago PMI for Oct. 9:45amET.
  • Tues Oct 31 – US Conference Board Sentiment readings for Oct. 10amET.
  • Tues Oct 31 – earnings before the open: ADM, AET, Airbus, AMT, Barclays, BNP, CMI, ECL, GGP, K, MA, OSK, PFE, XYL.
  • Tues Oct 31 – earnings after the close: APC, CHRW, CXO, WFT, X
  • Wed Nov 1 – US ADP jobs report for Oct. 8:15amET.
  • Wed Nov 1 – US Markit Manufacturing PMI for Oct. 9:45amET.
  • Wed Nov 1 – US Manufacturing ISM for Oct. 10amET.
  • Wed Nov 1 – US construction spending report for Sept. 10amET.
  • Wed Nov 1 – US auto sales for Oct.
  • Wed Nov 1 – FOMC meeting decision. 2pmET.
  • Wed Nov 1 – earnings before the open: AGN, APO, CLX, EL, GRMN, HFC, Novo Nordisk, ORBK, Standard Chartered, TAP, TRI.
  • Wed Nov 1 – earnings after the close: ALL, BHF, BXP, CAVM, CSGS, FB, LNC, MANT, MET, MUSA, OXY, PRU, QCOM, ULTI, XPO.
  • Thurs Nov 2 – US nonfarm productivity and unit labor costs for Q3. 8:30amET.
  • Thurs Nov 2 – earnings before the open: ADP, AN, BCE, CI, Credit Suisse, DISCA, H, ICE, Royal Dutch Shell, Sanofi, Swiss Re, WRK.
  • Thurs Nov 2 – earnings after the close: AAPL, AIG, CBS, CRUS, FLR, HLF, RMAX, SBUX, UNIT.
  • Fri Nov 3 – US jobs report for Oct. 8:30amET.
  • Fri Nov 3 – US trade balance for Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Fri Nov 3 – US factory orders and durable goods orders for Sept. 10amET.
  • Fri Nov 3 – US non-manufacturing ISM for Oct. 10amET.
  • Tues Nov 7 – US JOLTs jobs report for Sept. 10amET.
  • Tues Nov 7 – US consumer credit for Sept. 3pmET.
  • Thurs Nov 9 – US wholesale trade sales/inventories for Sept. 10amET.
  • Fri Nov 10 – US Michigan Confidence preliminary numbers for Nov. 10amET.
  • Tues Nov 14 – US PPI for Oct. 8:30amET.
  • Wed Nov 15 – US CPI for Oct. 8:30amET.
  • Wed Nov 15 – US Empire Manufacturing for Nov. 8:30amET.
  • Wed Nov 15 – US retail sales for Oct. 8:30amET.
  • Wed Nov 15 – US business inventories for Sept. 10amET.
  • Thurs Nov 16 – US import prices for Oct. 8:30amET.
  • Thurs Nov 16 – US industrial production for Oct. 9:15amET.
  • Thurs Nov 16 – US NAHB housing index for Nov. 10amET.
  • Fri Nov 17 – US housing starts and building permits for Oct. 8:30amET.
  • Mon Nov 20 – US Leading Index for Oct. 10amET.
  • Tues Nov 21 – US existing home sales for Oct. 10amET.
  • Wed Nov 22 – US durable goods for Oct. 8:30amET.
  • Wed Nov 22 – US final Michigan Confidence numbers for Nov. 10amET.
  • Wed Nov 22 – FOMC 11/1 meeting minutes. 2pmET.
  • Fri Nov 24 – US flash PMIs for Nov. 9:45amET.
J.P. Morgan Market Intelligence is a product of the Institutional Equities Sales and Trading desk of J.P. Morgan Securities LLC and the intellectual property thereof. It is not a product of the Research Department and is intended for distribution to institutional and professional customers only and is not intended for retail customer use. It may not be reproduced, redistributed or transmitted, in whole or in part, without J.P. Morgan’s consent. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.
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[MCU] The Secret History of Stan Lee in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Our story begins with Dr. Arnim Zola, henchman to Johann Schmidt, alias the Red Skull, leader of the leader of the Nazi wartime research organization HYDRA1. After pretending to defect and moving to America under Project Paperclip, Zola began to secretly re-form HYDRA within the US Government, resuming not only their attempts at world domination but their twisted occult and scientific research projects as well2.
One such project delved into the feasibility of human cloning3, with one potential end-goal being the resurrection of the Red Skull4 or possibly even Adolf Hitler himself5. Zola was cautious, however, unwilling to risk cloning whoever it was he intended to clone until he was sure the technology was ready. Using his newfound US Government contacts, he obtained a genetic sample from General Martin Lieber of the US Army who, coincidentally, happened to have been present at a ceremony in which Capt. Steven Rogers, alias Captain America was to receive the Medal of Valor in 19426 and would later encounter Howard Stark while out-of-uniform in 19467, as well bearing an uncanny resemblance to Earth-12188 comic writer Stan Lee (indeed, his resemblance could be described as not only Uncanny but Amazing, Incredible, and Fantastic as well). It remains to be seen what the eventual outcome of this line of research might have been, but Zola was left with a bunch of cloned Martin Lieber which he had to find some purpose for.
Three of these clones escaped in the mid-to-late 1950s, two of whom established false identities and careers that just happened to precisely mirror those of Earth-1218 celebrities Hugh Hefner and Larry King, encountered by Tony Stark, alias Iron Man in 20089 and 201010 respectively. This may seem unlikely, but its actually fairly common for equivalent figures on different Marvel earths to have strikingly similar names, personalities, and careers despite having wildly different backstories and parentage. Tony did not comment on the uncanny resemblance between the two, but considering that both were public figures, it's likely that by this point their resemblance was well-known, and there was nothing he could say about it that hadn't already been said.
The third escapee took a different route, taking the name Irving Forbush and joining the NYPD in the 15th precinct. Like the Earth-665 resident whose name he shared11, Forbush turned out to have a tremendous gift for sheer dumb luck (a gift that was no doubt shared to a lesser extent by his clone brothers, explaining their improbable tendency to be in the same place as superheroes), leading to a number of improbably successful arrests that enabled him to rapidly rise to the rank of Captain and honored with a portrait at the station which went unnoticed in 2015 by both Matt Murdoch, alias Daredevil12 and Jessica Jones13, also spearheading a few PSA campaigns which went equally unnoticed by both Luke Cage14 and Daniel Rand, alias Iron Fist15 in the same year. The next year, he would find himself in the opposite situation as he failed to notice Doctor Stephan Strange and Karl Mordo as they collided with the bus he was riding on one of his off days16.
The purpose Zola was looking for emerged some time around the turn of the millennium when HYDRA's agents within NASA began to work on what would eventually become Project Distant Star Return, an attempt to send astronauts to rescue the ancient inhuman Alveus (a being worshiped by the secret society that would eventually become HYDRA) from the distant planet Maveth17. Though Project Distant Star Return eventually ended up sending the astronauts through the portal created by the Monolith, HYDRA's researchers at NASA were aware of the Monolith's unreliability and intended to use it only as a last resort if they were unable to reach Maveth by other means. For this reason, a number of experimental spacecraft were developed to explore the possibility of exploiting such little-understood phenomena as the Bifrost Bridge18, Universal Neural Teleportation Network19, magical inter-dimensional portals20, and even attempts to replicate the unique properties of the Tesseract21. The clones of General Martin Lieber were press-ganged into serving as expendable test pilots for these craft, despite being nearly as old by this point as the original General Lieber had been in 1942.
One craft found itself stranded in space near the planet Xandar, where its clone pilot was rescued by the Nova Corps and began a new life on that planet as a swinging ladies man (considering one of his fellows' career as Earth-199999's equivalent of Hugh Hefner, it's possible that this personality trait was inherited from the original Lieber). It is here that he is breifly observed flirting with a young Xandarian lady by Rocket Racoon in 201422.
A second craft failed to make the jump through whatever spacial phenomenon it had been intended to exploit, and crash-landed on the Earth's moon, just outside the terreformed earth-like region whose Earth-616 equivalent was known as the "Blue Area"23, where its clone pilot was found and nursed back to health by Uatu the Watcher, becoming his companion. Due to injuries sustained during his brief time on the part of the moon outside the Blue Area's artificial atmosphere, the clone must be confined to a modified space suit in order to survive. This clone was present in the Blue Area when Yondu Udonta, Kraglin Obfonteri, Rocket Racoon, and Groot II pass through in the rapidly teleporting escape ship Quadrant24, also in 2014.
A third craft experienced a misfire in whatever form of teleportation it had been meant to use, and as all teleportation misfires apparently seem to, it arrived on Sakaar. After receiving extensive cybernetic augmentation in an attempt to blend in with the local culture, the clone pilot got a job as a hairdresser in the employ of Grandmaster En Dwi Gast. It was in this context that Thor encountered him in 201725.
A forth craft failed to leave earth at all, and after the HYDRA technicians finally managed to shut off its drive remotely, its clone pilot was returned to captivity. We'll get back to him in a moment.
It's unknown exactly how many experimental craft there were, or what the fates of any other test pilots might have been, if there were any. But after so many failures, it became evident to HYDRA's agents at NASA that they were going to have to use the Monolith as a means of transport after all, and the attempts to develop some sort of interstellar drive were abandoned, and in 2001, Project Distant Star Return went forward26.
Around this time, there was a mass breakout in which all of the remaining Lieber clones escaped captivity. To evade recapture and avoid arousing suspicion of being clones, they split up and cut all contact with one another, starting new lives in various different parts of the country. Many deliberately took low-profile, blue collar jobs in the belief that this sort of life would put them beneath HYDRA's notice, though the truth is that as men with no histories, they probably couldn't have gotten better jobs even if they wanted to.
One clone moved to Milwaukee. His personal history is largely unknown, but it's evident that at some point he discovered the imported Brazilian soft drink Pingo Doce and took a liking to it. In 2008 he happened to drink from a particular bottle that had been accidentally contaminated with the blood of Dr Robert Bruce Banner, alias the Incredible Hulk, who at the time was also attempting to keep a low profile in a blue collar job, working at the Rio de Janeiro plant where the beverage was bottled. The clone was hospitalized with "gamma sickness", catching the attention of the US military and giving them a lead with which to track Banner down27. Having popped up on the US military's radar and by extension HYDRA, this clone was assassinated in hospital by HYDRA agents posing as nurses via an "accidental" morphine overdose.
A second clone moved to Puente Antiguo, New Mexico where he got a job driving a winch truck for a local mechanic. When Mjölnir landed outside of town in 2011, he participated in the town-wide attempt to remove the hammer from the ground28. Luckily, when SHIELD arrived in town he got lost in the crowd and as a result, manged to escape their notice.
A third clone moved to New York, secure in the belief that the tremendous population of the city would make a chance encounter with HYDRA agents improbable to the point of being nearly impossible. However, in 2012 he was unlucky enough to be approached by NY-1 reporters as a "man on the street" to ask his opinion of the rumors surrounding the recent formation of the Avengers. He attempted to brush them off with a short, dismissive answer, but the brief encounter still made it onto television29, enabling HYDRA agents to track him down and assassinating him, making it look like his death was simply collateral damage in the Battle of New York.
A forth clone moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee. True to Lieber's lecherous personality, he served as the judge of a local beauty pageant attended by Tony Stark in 201330. Stark was not working with SHIELD at the time, and the pageant only made it onto local channels, so this clone evaded HYDRA's notice.
Following his experiences in the failed Distant Star Return launch, the forth test pilot wanted to get as far away from the US Government as he could, and eventually saved enough money for a plane ticket to London. It soon became clear to him that his exposure to the malfunctioning drive had left him more traumatized than he'd realized, and he checked himself into a mental institution. It was here that he encountered Dr. Erik Selvig in 2013 following the latter's mental breakdown31.
A sixth clone had a similar idea to the test pilot, but managed to scrape together enough cash to escape all the way to Italy, where (using the same luck that helped Captain Forbush) he made a name for himself as a high-roller at the riviera casinos. While taking a train, he encounters undercover SHIELD Agents Coulson and Simmons32, but manages to evade HYDRA's detection twice over since neither agent is working for them, and the people who soon attack the train are merely taking bribes from a HYDRA front company, rather than being employed by HYDRA itself, and thus neither privy to HYDRA's secrets nor expected to file reports to them. Nevertheless, this encounter rattled him, and he decides to move even farther away, to South Korea, where he drew on his gambling experience to establish a new identity as a croupier at a speakeasy casino in Busan, where in 2016 he narrowly escaped a battle between King T'Challa of Wakanda, alias Black Panther, and arms dealer Ulysses Klaue33.
An eighth clone moves to San Fransisco and becomes a bartender, where in 2015 he has a brief encounter with Ignacio, cousin to Scott-Lang (alias Ant-Man)'s friend Luis.34
A ninth clone decides to take a different route, hiding in plain sight within spitting distance of HYDRA's stronghold in Washington DC, in the employ of the US Government no less, as a security guard at the Smithsonian Institute, on the grounds that HYDRA would never think to look there since they'd assume he wouldn't be stupid enough to try it. Though he loses his job in 2014 after failing to prevent the theft of the original Captain America costume by Natalia Alianovna Romanoff, alias the Black Widow35, he survives long enough to see the overwhelming majority of the arm of HYDRA that had been infiltrating the US Government brought down by the combined efforts of Captain America, Black Widow, and Samuel Wilson, alias the Falcon.
With news of HYDRA's defeat, many of the clones cease attempting to hide, but they don't abandon the lives they've taken up, as they've become integral to their identities. Captain Forbush, who through his trademark dumb luck had obtained a hat incorrectly identifying him as a member of a group of WWII vets who Captain America had invited to a party at Avengers Tower in 2015, and was unafraid to go with them (though perhaps he should've been, judging by his reaction to trying Asgardian whiskey36. Another clone, who had gotten a job as a FedEx man, willingly delivers a package to "Tony Stank" (sic.) at the New Avengers Facility in New York37 (this New York-dwelling clone was almost certainly the same one who witnessed Peter Parker, alias Spider-Man attempting to stop a presumed car theft from his apartment window earlier that same year38, as that one was called Gary and therefore is unlikely to have been the same person as Irving Forbush).
'Nuff said.
  1. Captain America: The First Avenger
  2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
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  4. This never came to fruition in the MCU (Earth-199999), but did on Earth-616 (the primary Marvel Comics universe), as seen in the Uncanny Avengers comic book, enabling the reintroduction of the Red Skull as a villain in the present day.
  5. Another scheme of Zola's that came to fruition only on Earth-616, resulting in the villain Hate-Monger, who debuted in the pages of Fantastic 4. While this may seem unlikely to have been Earth-199999 Zola's goal, as the MCU version of HYDRA had specifically divorced itself from Hitler's Nazi Party, since Hitler's desire for global conquest conflicted with Schmidt's own desire for the same, seeing the Fuhrur demoted to the position of his subordinate would no doubt have appealed to Zola's ego.
  6. Captain America: The First Avenger
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J.P. Morgan Early Look at the Market – Fri 1-13-17

J.P. Morgan Early Look at the Market – Fri 1.13.17
Trading Desk Commentary; For Institutional Investors Only

Morning Levels

• US futures are up 3-4 points
• Asia: Japan Nikkei +0.80%, Japan TOPIX +0.62%, China -0.21%, Hong Kong +0.47%, KOSPI - 0.50%, Taiwan -0.33%, Australia -0.79%
• EuroStoxx 50 +0.78%, FTSE +0.37%, DAX +0.60%, CAC +0.85%, Italy +1.18%, Spain +0.76%
• USD (DXY) down 0.14%, EUR up 0.32%, GBP up 0.49%, JPY up 0.03%, CNY Onshore down 0.07%, CNH Offshore up 0.14%, AUD up 0.07%
• VIX down 0.87% to 11.44
• Gold up 0.14% to $1,197.11
• Silver down 0.09% to $16.81
• Copper down 0.75% to $265.15
• WTI Crude down 1.04% to $52.46
• Brent Crude down 1.21% to $55.33
• Natural Gas down 0.21% to $3.38
• Corn down 0.28% to $3.57/bu
• Wheat unch at $426.25
• Treasuries 2yr yields are down ~0.9bps at 1.165%, 10yr yields are down ~1.6bps at 2.347% and 30yr yields are down ~1.1bps at 2.949%
• Japan 10yr yields 0.039%, up ~0.9bps on the day
• France 10yr yields 0.776%, up ~0.5bps on the day
• Italy 10yr yields 1.898%, up ~0.8bps on the day
• Spain 10yr yields 1.405%, up ~0.7bps on the day
• Germany 10yr yields 0.309%, up ~0.2bps on the day

Trading Update

• Market update – once again, there isn’t much to talk about overnight. China’s trade numbers were the big macro headline but those figures are hardly changing the broader macro narrative (exports fell slightly short while imports were inline). Otherwise the wires were largely void of major headlines. Asia was mixed, Eurozone stocks are rallying nicely (although are on track to end the week lower), and US futures are up a few points.
• Calendar - for Friday investors will be watching US Dec PPI/retail sales (8:30amET), US Michigan confidence for Jan (10amET), one Fed speaker (Harker), and earnings (BAC, BLK, FHN, FRC, JPM, PNC, and WFC pre-open).
• Eurozone stocks – the main Eurozone indices are seeing solid gains (up ~60-70bp). Most major sub-groups are trading higher but tech, fin services, banks, media, and healthcare are outperforming. Fiat Chrysler is rebounding as investors view its emissions scandal as less severe than the one that hit VW although Renault is weak as Paris prosecutors open a probe into its emissions. Technicolor is the weakest stock in the SXXP after cutting its outlook.
• FX – the DXY is in the red again so far Fri morning (the DXY is tracking for a ~1% dip this week). The USD is weak vs. the GBP and EUR and is flattish against the JPY. Investors are looking forward to the Brexit speech on Tues from PM May.
• Asia – the major Asian bourses were mixed: Japan (TPX +0.62%, NKY +0.8%), HK (Hang Seng +0.47%, HSCEI +0.66%), mainland China (SHCOMP -0.21%, Shenzhen -1.55%), Korea (KOSPI - 0.5%), Australia (ASX 200 -0.79%), and India (flattish for the major indices). China’s trade numbers were the big headline out of Asia (exports were a touch light while imports were inline). The Bank of Korea decision was largely consistent w/expectations. In India, INFY and TCS are both trading lower despite OK earnings from both. Taiwan didn’t trade very badly despite the underwhelming TSMC guidance.
• Japan – it was an extremely quiet and relatively uneventful trading session. Focus has begun to turn to earnings with Retail +2.3% bouncing from recent weakness following Fast Retailing +1.1% and Seven&i +8.6% earnings beat. Downside was led by Nintendo -5.8%, trading close to 10% of total TPX turnover, as its 'Switch' presentation failed to impress - especially with their $299.99 pricing (street was modeling more around $250~$275). Otherwise, dispersion across sectors was low and larger moves were driven more by microheadlines: Takata traded at limit high (+16.47%) after headlines saying the co and the US Justice Department may announce a settlement as soon as Fri over air bags, SMM -4.7% got hit after Nickel's weakness overnight, while Screen -4.0% traded lower on TSMC's weakerthan- expected guidance for 1H '17.
• Hong Kong - sector wise Coal outperformed +3.75% together with Chinese OEMs +2.8% while Chinese Railways were down 0.4%. In the Chinese property sector, Vanke was well bid +5.7% after China Resources Holdings has agreed to sell 15.3% of total shs out to Shenzhen Metro Group at 37.2b yuan. In the Auto sector, Great Wall Motor spiked 2.7% after announcing a positive profit alert; the rest of the sector traded higher. Despite a pullback of the commodity complex, Steel +3% and Coal pushed higher driven mainly by further NDRCdriven expectations of SOE reform/consolidation, China Shenhua +4.1% Angang Steel +2.5%. The bounce in oil prices triggered a rally in Energy names, Sinopec putting on a +3.57%, Petrochina +2.6%.
• South Korea – the KOSPI ended off 0.5%. Samsung Electronics slumped ~3.45% following tech weakness in the US on Thurs (note that Samsung did a lot worse than TSMC). Hynix finished down ~0.59% (JPMorgan has a Hynix note this morning and recommends booking profits instead of chasing the rally).
• Taiwan – the TAIEX ended off 0.33%. TSMC fell 1.63% after its downbeat guidance (although the local TSM did a lot better than the US ADR on Thurs which fell ~3%). The rest of tech didn’t trade too badly despite TSM (MediaTek -0.92%, Hon Hai -0.12%, etc). On the upside, outperformers included Advantech +1.5%, Quanta +0.79%, Pegatron +0.96%, Innolux +1.17%, and AUO +1.16%.
• US equity macro update - the multi-month rally has been underpinned by two main developments: 1) improved nominal growth (which predated the election by a few months and is largely politically agnostic for the near-term) and 2) GOD EMPEROR Trump enthusiasm. One of these factors remains in place (growth) while the other is increasingly dubious (the political optimism – see below). However, the market isn’t anticipating instant action out of Washington and in fact the ’17 numbers (~$127-128) don’t really require any political/policy changes (the problem is more w/the 2018 numbers where the tentative ~$145 EPS forecast needs some assistance from Washington). Therefore investors may give the benefit of the doubt to GOD EMPEROR Trump and Congressional Republicans until at least the end of the summer. This faith though is finite and will likely wind up being disappointed as investors appreciate the insurmountable complexity and tradeoffs of tax reform and realize that no government, Republican or Democrat, can provide much added impetus to a full-employment economy facing the twin structural headwinds of tepid labor supply and productivity growth.

Top Headlines for Friday

• China Dec trade numbers; slight export miss and inline imports – exports came in -6.1% (vs. the St -4% and JPM -3.3%) while imports rose 3.1% (vs. the St +3% and JPM +3.4%). Takeaways from JPMorgan’s Grace Ng - While December export growth, in over-year-ago US$ terms, came in below expectations, in sequential terms, exports still rose 1.9%m/m sa, adding to the notable gain at 3.3% m/m sa in November. Besides, imports came in line with expectations, up 2.1% m/m sa in December, following the surge at 7.8% m/m sa in November. Commodity imports came in rather mixed in December, although that followed the notable broad-based gain in November. Looking ahead, the expected modest improvement in global growth going into 2017, along with CNY’s trade-weighted adjustment over the past year, would likely be moderately supportive for China’s external trade, although uncertainty regarding potential US-China trade tensions poses notable risks.
• China vs. US – a Chinese newspaper, the Global Times, said blocking Chinese access to its islands in the South China Sea, an idea endorsed by Rex Tillerson during his confirmation hearing, would require the US to “wage war”; "Tillerson had better bone up on nuclear power strategies if he wants to force a big nuclear power to withdraw from its own territories” – Reuters
• China currency bears remain despite recent CNY strengthening – Reuters notes that the PBOC may have tempered near-term cautiousness and given pause to short-term traders but sentiment around the yuan is still very gloomy.
• OPEC unlikely to deliver fully on cut pledge – Reuters notes that some cheating is inevitable and OPEC apparently would be happy if compliance stays within a 50-80% band; OPEC sources say compliance “is never 100%” and the cartel would be content so long as the overall rate is north of 50% – Reuters
• Yellen spoke Thurs night although her remarks weren’t very incremental; Yellen said the US economy doesn’t face any serious short-term obstacles. “Unemployment has now reached a low level, the labor market is generally strong and wage growth is beginning to pick up,” Yellen said Thursday in a meeting with educators. “Inflation has moved up from a very low level, and it’s a little bit under our 2 percent objective, but it’s pretty close.” Bloomberg
• Fed unity – the WSJ notes how Fed officials, including hawks and doves, are expressing remarkable unanimity in their policy outlooks. A slew of Fed officials spoke over the last few days and most think the FOMC will hike rates 2-4 times this year (most appear comfortable w/the current three hike outlook expressed by the median 2017 dot). WSJ
• Monetary vs. fiscal policy - the Fed continues to clearly warn Congress/GOD EMPEROR Trump that any material fiscal stimulus would likely result in a faster withdrawal of accommodation (“Evans Thurs morning became the latest in a series of Fed policymakers to quietly warn that this may not be the best moment to launch a major fiscal plan or throw too much stimulus into the economy”
• US fiscal outlook weakens – the US had a deficit of $580B/3.1% of GDP in C16, up from 2.6% in C15. The 2016 figure follows 6 years of shrinking deficits and the numbers are set to worsen in the years ahead. WSJ
• Tax reform/border taxes - Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) on Thursday defended the House GOP border tax proposal and called it "a little offensive" that some U.S. companies are criticizing it. "This is not controversial, and quite frankly, it's a little offensive that some of the major American companies that are importers who do business worldwide are even raising concerns of this plan, because I don't see them going to Germany or Mexico or China to raise these concerns” – The Hill
• Border taxes - Larry Kudlow speaking on CNBC (at ~1:15pmET Thurs afternoon) is vehemently against the idea of border taxes and worries that this issue could doom the entire tax reform effort given how controversial it is. Kudlow at one point was being considered for an economic job in the GOD EMPEROR Trump team (it isn’t clear where that consideration stands now). GOD EMPEROR Trump hasn’t explicitly addressed the Ryan border tax blueprint.
• Paul Ryan conducted a town hall on CNN Thurs night although there weren’t many materially incremental headlines out of the event. Ryan reiterated a desire to pass ACA replace legislation at the same as the repeal bills are approved. Ryan said Republicans are moving "as quickly as they can" to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, but said he doesn't yet have a date, and it will take "a little bit of time" to do so (CNN
• Healthcare - the NYT details how GOD EMPEROR Trump’s healthcare promises will be difficult to achieve ( while the WSJ discusses the bipartisan healthcare problem: “the sick are expensive and someone has to pay” ( The head of the conservative House Freedom Caucus predicted Thursday that the GOP's ObamaCare replacement plan is “likely to fail” in the Senate (The Hill
• GOD EMPEROR Trump’s team calls on Republicans to make childcare more affordable – GOD EMPEROR Trump aids are instructing Congressional Republicans to incorporate measures into upcoming tax reform legislation to make childcare more affordable. Proposals would allow parents to deduct certain child care costs. Politico
• Don’t Let the Dollar Inhibit Growth. A soaring currency could slow exports, fueling populist anger. Time for another Plaza Accord? WSJ editorial.
• Int’l company-specific news update from Fri morning. The Infosys (out Thurs night US/preopen India) and Tata Consultancy (out after the India close Thurs) earnings were decent but both stocks are getting hit in India trading Fri morning. In Europe Fiat Chrysler is rebounding as investors view its emissions scandal as less severe than the one that hit VW although Renault is weak as Paris prosecutors open a probe into its emissions. Technicolor is the weakest stock in the SXXP after cutting its outlook.
• US company-specific news update from Thurs night. It was another pretty uneventful evening. DOV provided F17 guidance – the top line was fine but the EPS guide was a bit below the St. Pandora (P) published an upside preannouncement for CQ4 (the co also announced restructuring actions). Finally, RYI said that it anticipates seasonally lower revenue for the fourth quarter of 2016 compared to the third quarter of 2016 due to fewer shipping days.

Calendar of events to watch for the week of Mon Jan 16

• Bottom Line – the big focus during the week of 1/16 will be on earnings, US eco data (US CPI for Dec Wed morning 1/18), the ECB decision (Thurs 1/19 – this should be a non-event), China eco data (Dec IP/retail sales and Q4 GDP all out Thurs night/Fri morning), and two Yellen speeches (she will take part in a discussion Wed 1/18 at 3pmET and speaks at Stanford Thurs 1/19 at 8pmET). Also GOD EMPEROR Trump’s inauguration is Friday. Keep in mind Mon 1/16 is a holiday in the US (MLK Day).
• Mon 1/16 – US markets are closed for MLK Day. BHP is scheduled to give its Q4 production update Mon night.
• Tues 1/17 – this day should be pretty quiet w/no major eco numbers and only a few earnings (CMA, MS, and UNH pre-open and ADTN and CSX after the close). In addition, two Fed officials will be speaking (Dudley, Williams), Chinese President Xi gives a keynote at the Davos conf., and UK PM May is expected to give a “major” speech on Brexit.
• Wed 1/18 – the big focus on Wed will be the US CPI for Dec at 8:30amET w/investors watching inflation numbers closely. Also Yellen will participate in a discussion (3pmET) and
a bunch of earnings are due (AMTD, ASML, Burberry, C, FAST, GS, NTRS, SCHW, and USB pre-open and NFLX, PLXS, PTC, and SLM after the close).
• Thurs 1/19 – the ECB decision (7:45amET statement, 8:30amET press conf.) should be a non-event. The other events include Yellen’s speech at Stanford (8pmET) and earnings (BBT, BK, CHKP, KEY, PPG, UNP, and WBS pre-open and AXP, IBM, and SWKS after the close).
• Fri 1/20 – this day will be dominated by China’s eco data (Dec IP/retail sales and Q4 GDP out Thurs night/Fri morning), earnings (CFG, COL, GE, KSU, RF, SLB, STI, and SYF pre-open), and two Fed speakers (Harker and Williams). GOD EMPEROR Trump’s inauguration (he becomes president at 12pmET) shouldn’t be all that important (although many are fearful of investors booking profits on the “GOD EMPEROR Trump Trade” following this event).

Catalysts for 2017 – big events to watch for 2017 (preliminary list – additional events likely to be

• US bank earnings season kicks off Fri 1/13 (BAC, BLK, FHN, FRC, JPM, PNC, and WFC all report Fri morning).
• Earnings - week of Mon 1/16 is the first big one of the CQ4 earnings season.
• World Economic Forum 1/17-20 in Davos.
• ECB – first ECB decision of the year will occur on Jan 19.
• China eco data - Dec IP/retail sales/FAI and Q4 GDP – Fri morning 1/20.
GOD EMPEROR Trump inauguration Fri 1/20.
• Oil – OPEC and non-OPEC committee Jan 21-22 Vienna meeting (this will be the first meeting to evaluate whether all the parties are adhering to the recent production agreement).
• Italy – Italian Constitutional Court to hold hearing on legitimacy of Italian electoral law on Jan 24.
• Japan – there is speculation Abe could call elections in the Jan timeframe.
• US banks – the Fed will prob. publish the ’17 CCAstress test criteria around the end of Jan (the criteria was released Jan 28, 2016 for the last testing cycle).
• US GDP – the Q4 GDP number will be published Fri 1/27.
• China New Year holiday. Mainland markets closed Fri 1/27-Thurs 2/2.
• Fed – first Fed decision of the year will occur on Feb 1.
• Netherlands will have national elections Mar 15.
• Fed meeting – first press conf./dot plot decision of the year is Mar 15.
• G20 Fin Min/central bank governors meeting Mar 17-18 in Germany.
• China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) usually take place in mid-Mar; the gov’t will formally publish its 2017 economic objectives at this event.
• US debt ceiling - the debt limit has been suspended since late ’15 but is due to be reinstated on Mar 16, 2017.
• EU Leaders Summit Mar 25 – this could be the forum at which the UK formally triggers Article 50.
• WFC’s “living will” – WFC will resubmit its living will in the Mar timeframe. Normally this wouldn’t be a major event but if WFC’s living will is deemed inadequate again the Fed could raise the company’s capital requirements.
• France first-round presidential election Apr 23 (run-off is May 7).
• US Treasury publishes semi-annual currency report around Apr timeframe (investors will watch China’s designation closely and if it gets labeled a currency manipulator).
• US gov’t funding – current spending legislation will keep the gov’t funding until Apr 28
• NATO – Montenegro is expected to become a NATO member in the spring of 2017.
• G7 Leaders Summit May 26-27 in Italy.
• Italy – new elections are likely in the June timeframe.
• Russia – European sanctions against Russia are due to expire in June. Given the likely outcome of the French election, they will prob. not be extended (
• China/MSCI - MSCI will announce the result of the China A shares inclusion proposal as part of the 2017 Market Classification Review in June 2017.
• G20 Leaders Summit Jul 7-8 2017 in Germany.
• German elections – the next German elections will be held between Aug and Oct 2017.
• Chinese politics – China’s 19th National Congress will take place in the fall of 2017 and will set the country’s political path for the next five years.

Full catalyst list

• Fri Jan 13 – China imports/exports for Dec (Thurs night/Fri morning)
• Fri Jan 13 – US PPI for Dec. 8:30amET. • Fri Jan 13 – US retail sales for Dec. 8:30amET.
• Fri Jan 13 – Michigan Confidence numbers for Jan. 10amET.
• Fri Jan 13 – Fed speakers: Harker
• Fri Jan 13 – earnings before the open: BAC, BLK, FHN, FRC, INFY, JPM, PNC, WFC • Fri Jan 13 - JPMorgan Healthcare Conf. Jan 9-13. San Francisco.
• Mon Jan 16 – earnings out Mon night: Rio Tinto
• Mon Jan 16 – ECB’s Praet speaks
• Mon Jan 16 – BOE’s Carney speaks
• Mon Jan 16 – US markets closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
• Tues Jan 17 – Fed speakers: Dudley, Williams
• Tues Jan 17 – European trading updates: Alstom, Casino, Provident Financial, Renault
• Tues Jan 17 – WTR earnings guidance conf. call.
• Tues Jan 17 – earnings before the open: CMA, EDU, INFO, MS, SNV, UNH
• Tues Jan 17 – earnings after the close: ADTN, CSX
• Wed Jan 18 – US CPI for Dec. 8:30amET.
• Wed Jan 18 – US IP for Dec. 9:15amET.
• Wed Jan 18 – Bank of Canada rate decision
• Wed Jan 18 – Fed speakers: Kashkari, Yellen
• Wed Jan 18 – analyst meetings: ASNA
• Wed Jan 18 – European trading updates: Burberry, Experian
• Wed Jan 18 – earnings before the open: AMTD, ASML, C, FAST, GS, NTRS, SCHW, USB
• Wed Jan 18 – earnings after the close: CLC, NFLX, PLXS, PTC, SLM
• Thurs Jan 19 – ECB decision. 7:45amET statement, 8:30amET press conf.
• Thurs Jan 19 – US housing starts and building permits for Dec. 8:30amET.
• Thurs Jan 19 – Fed speakers: Yellen
• Thurs Jan 19 – analyst meetings: PAY
• Thurs Jan 19 – European trading updates: Ahold, British Land, Carrefour, Remy Cointreau
• Thurs Jan 19 – earnings before the open: BBT, BK, CBSH, CHKP, JBHT, KCG, KEY, MTG, PPG,
• Thurs Jan 19 – earnings after the close: ASB, AXP, IBM, PBCT, SWKS
• Fri Jan 20 – China Dec IP/retail sales/FAI and Q4 GDP (Thurs night/Fri morning)
• Fri Jan 20 – ECB survey of professional forecasters. 4amET.
Fri Jan 20 – GOD EMPEROR Trump’s inauguration
• Fri Jan 20 – Fed speakers: Harker, Williams
• Fri Jan 20 – earnings before the open: CFG, COL, GE, KSU, RF, SLB, STI, SYF
• Mon Jan 23 – earnings before the open: BOH, HAL, MCD
• Mon Jan 23 – earnings after the close: ATI, BRO, SIMO, ZION
• Tues Jan 24 – US flash manufacturing PMI for Jan. 9:45amET.
• Tues Jan 24 – US existing home sales for Dec. 10amET.
• Tues Jan 24 – European trading updates: BHP, Dixons Carphone
• Tues Jan 24 – earnings before the open: AKS, BABA, DD, DHI, FITB, GLW, JNJ, JNS, KMB, LMT, MMM, Philips, PLD, PII, SAP, TRV, VZ
• Tues Jan 24 – earnings after the close: AA, CA, CNI, COF, CREE, DFS, ISRG, LG Display, NAVI,
Samsung Electronics, STLD, STX, SYK, TSS, TXN
• Wed Jan 25 – BP 2017 energy outlook • Wed Jan 25 – analyst meetings: KMI
• Wed Jan 25 – European trading updates: Antofagasta, Fresnillo, Tod’s, WH Smith
• Wed Jan 25 – earnings before the open: ABT, APH, BA, CVLT, EAT, FCX, GWW, HBAN, ITW,
LOGI, PG, PGR, Novartis, NYCB, PGR, Santander, SC, STT, TXT, UTX, VLY
• Wed Jan 25 – earnings after the close: BXS, CCI, CLB, DRE, EBAY, FFIV, KNX, LRCX, MCK,
• Thurs Jan 26 – China Dec industrial profits (Wed night/Thurs morning) • Thurs Jan 26 – US wholesale inventories for Dec. 8:30amET.
• Thurs Jan 26 – US advanced goods trade balance for Dec. 8:30amET.
• Thurs Jan 26 – US flash services PMI for Jan. 9:45amET.
• Thurs Jan 26 – US new home sales for Dec. 10amET.
• Thurs Jan 26 – European trading updates: Anglo American, Diageo, JCDecaux, LVMH, Sage
• Thurs Jan 26 – earnings before the open: ADS, BHI, BIIB, BMS, BMY, BX, CAT, CELG, CMCSA,
• Thurs Jan 26 – earnings after the close: AJG, BCR, FLEX, GOOG, INTC, JNPR, KLAC, MSFT,
• Fri Jan 27 – China New Year holiday. Mainland markets closed Fri 1/27-Thurs 2/2.
• Fri Jan 27 – US Q4 GDP. 8:30amET.
• Fri Jan 27 – US durable goods for Dec. 8:30amET.
• Fri Jan 27 – US Michigan Confidence for Jan. 10amET.
• Fri Jan 27 – earnings before the open: APD, BT, CL, CVX, HON, UBS
• Mon Jan 30 – US personal income/spending for Dec. 8:30amET.
• Mon Jan 30 – US PCE for Dec. 8:30amET.
• Mon Jan 30 – US pending home sales for Dec. 10amET.
• Mon Jan 30 – earnings before the open: BAH, EPD
• Mon Jan 30 – earnings after the close: CR, GGG, IDTI, IEX, LEG, PFG, RGA
• Tues Jan 31 – BOJ policy decision (Mon night/Tues morning)
• Tues Jan 31 – US employment cost index (ECI) for Q4. 8:30amET.
• Tues Jan 31 – US CoreLogic home prices for Nov. 9amET.
• Tues Jan 31 – Chicago PMI for Jan. 9:45amET.
• Tues Jan 31 – US consumer confidence for Jan. 10amET.
• Tues Jan 31 – earnings before the open: ABC, ALLY, COH, HOG, LLY, MA, NDAQ, NUE, PFE,
• Tues Jan 31 – earnings after the close: AAPL, APC, BDN, CB, CHRW, EQR, MANH, PLT, X
• Wed Feb 1 – China NBS manufacturing/non-manufacturing PMIs (Tues night/Wed morning)
• Wed Feb 1 – US ADP employment report for Jan. 8:15amET.
• Wed Feb 1 – Markit manufacturing PMI for Jan. 9:45amET.
• Wed Feb 1 – US manufacturing ISM for Jan. 10amET.
• Wed Feb 1 – US construction spending for Dec. 10amET.
• Wed Feb 1 – US auto sales for Jan.
• Wed Feb 1 – FOMC decision. 2pmET.
• Wed Feb 1 – earnings before the open: ADP, ANTM, MO, MTH, Roche, Siemens
• Wed Feb 1 – earnings after the close: ALL, CBL, CDNS, CRUS, DOX, LNC, LSTR, MAA, MET, TSCO
• Thurs Feb 2 – ECB economic bulletin. 4amET.
• Thurs Feb 2 – BOE policy decision. 7amET.
• Thurs Feb 2 – US non-farm productivity and unit labor costs for Q4. 8:30amET.
• Thurs Feb 2 – European trading updates: Aberdeen Asset Mgmt., CME, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, EL, IP, MMC, MRK, Nokia, PH, R, Vodafone, WFT, XYL
• Thurs Feb 2 – earnings after the close: AIV, CCK, CMG, DATA, FEYE, GGP, GPRO, HIG, KIM, VR
• Fri Feb 3 – China mainland markets re-open after being shut for the New Year holiday
• Fri Feb 3 – China Caixin manufacturing PMI (Thurs night/Fri morning)
• Fri Feb 3 – US jobs report for Jan. 8:30amET.
• Fri Feb 3 – US Markit services PMI for Jan. 9:45amET.
• Fri Feb 3 – US non-manufacturing ISM for Jan. 10amET.
• Fri Feb 3 – US factory orders for Dec. 10amET.
• Fri Feb 3 – US durable goods for Dec. 10amET.
• Fri Feb 3 – earnings before the open: APO, ATHN, CLX, HSY, PSX, WY
• Mon Feb 6 – earnings before the open: AINV, CBOE, HAS
• Mon Feb 6 – earnings after the close: MAC
• Tues Feb 7 – China Caixin services PMI (Mon night/Tues morning).
• Tues Feb 7 – US trade balance for Dec. 8:30amET.
• Tues Feb 7 – US JOLTs report for Dec. 10amET.
• Tues Feb 7 – US consumer credit for Dec. 3pmET.
• Wed Feb 8 – ECB’s Draghi speaks in Dutch parliament
• Wed Feb 8 – earnings after the close: PRU
• Thurs Feb 9 – US wholesale inventories/trade sales for Dec. 10amET.
• Fri Feb 10 – US import price index for Jan. 8:30amET.
• Fri Feb 10 – US Michigan Confidence for Feb. 10amET.
• Tues Feb 14 – US PPI for Jan. 8:30amET.
• Wed Feb 15 – US Empire Manufacturing for Feb. 8:30amET.
• Wed Feb 15 – US CPI for Jan. 8:30amET.
• Wed Feb 15 – US retail sales for Jan. 8:30amET.
• Wed Feb 15 – US industrial production for Jan. 9:15amET.
• Wed Feb 15 – US NAHB housing market index for Feb. 10amET.
• Thurs Feb 16 – ECB meeting minutes
• Thurs Feb 16 – US housing starts/building permits for Jan. 8:30amET.
• Thurs Feb 16 – US Philadelphia Fed for Feb. 8:30amET.
• Tues Feb 21 – US flash manufacturing PMI for Feb. 9:45amET.
• Wed Feb 22 – US existing home sales for Jan. 10amET.
• Wed Feb 22 – FOMC minutes from 2/1 meeting. 2pmET.
• Thurs Feb 23 – US home price purchase index for Q4. 9amET.
• Thurs Feb 23 – US flash services PMI for Feb. 9:45amET.
• Fri Feb 24 – US new home sales for Jan. 10amET.
• Fri Feb 24 – US Michigan sentiment for Feb. 10amET.
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The Week In Review: Suburban News of the Past Week (8/7/16)

· 1. Motorola Solutions sells remaining land in Schaumburg to Chicago-based UrbanStreet Group (Daily Herald)
· 2. Huntley Community School District 158 to provide Chromebooks for all high school students (Daily Herald)
· 3. Drunk driver hits motorcycle, injuring rider on Route 47 near Woodstock (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 4. Additions to three Elgin Area Unit School District U-46 elementary schools to be ready for school Aug. 17 (Daily Herald)
· 5. Fox River Initiative asks Kane County Board to fund programs that divert mentally ill from jail to treatment, expand police training (Daily Herald)
· 6. Aurora real-estate broker launches business that gives to charity that supports parents whose children pass away (Daily Herald)
· 7. Mother, daughter killed in three-vehicle crash on Grand Avenue near Bensenville (CBS 2)
· 8. World Relief DuPage Aurora allows 100 immigrants into citizenship clinic (Chicago Tribune)
· 9. Inmate found dead Saturday morning in Crown Point's Kimbrough Center (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 10. Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission installs its own electric-car-charging station, part of 159-station chain (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 11. Lowell official calls for changes to how Lake County maps TIF districts, which may include properties that towns don't know about (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 12. Hobart denies resident's request for kennel license, but that doesn't stop her from trap-spay-release of feral cats on her 1.5-acre property (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 13. Merrillville officials to look into crime, suspicious activities at recently-reopened Deluxe Inn (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 14. Lowell gets second try at funding for solar-energy project at its sewage-treatment plant (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 15. Portage Police Department accepting applications for probationary patrol officers through Sept. 7 (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 16. Eastbound Hawley Street in Mundelein reopened after construction (Daily Herald)
· 17. Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy in Glenview expands offerings to include EMS, police, public works training (Chicago Tribune/Skokie Review)
· 18. Illinois Attorney General settles lawsuit against Barrington Mobil station over January gasoline spill for $20,000 (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 18. Bridgeview-based used-car dealer Midway Autohaus considering location in Sleepy Hollow (Daily Herald)
· 20. Dundee Township Park District's first spray park opens in West Dundee (Daily Herald)
· 21. Chicago Cubs' second baseman Addison Russell to appear at Addison Goodwill store on Monday, Aug. 8 (CBS 2)
· 22. Anti-slavery organization SOS Enclaves addresses African slavery during event at Islamic Center of Naperville (Daily Herald)
· 23. Founders of PrivateBancorp return to Chicago area to take up positions with Aurora-based Old Second National Bank (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 24. Homeowners in Naperville subdivision claim mist from retention pond is toxic and making them sick (ABC 7)
· 25. Confrontation between motorcyclist, truck driver caught on camera in Aurora (ABC 7)
· 26. Illinois Department of Employment Security: Former College of DuPage controller deserves unemployment benefits (Chicago Tribune)
· 27. Schaumburg motorcyclist killed in crash while trying to pass a turning car near Sugar Grove (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 28. OSHA cites UPS facility in Addison for death of worker from Lansing in February (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 29. Truck from Channahon-based Allstar Trucking involved in deadly crash on I-80 near Ottawa (ABC 7)
· 30. Man in custody following robbery of Manhattan gun shop (New Lenox Patch)
· 31. Calumet City approves $60 million budget, roughly $3.7 million decrease from 2016 budget (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 32. LaPorte County Planning Commission OKs permit to build 4-acre lake to man with contract to sell sand being removed from land (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 33. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency conducting more-thorough investigation of lead contamination at East Chicago housing complex (CBS 2)
· 34. East Chicago City Councilman Juda Parks resigns, won't fight Lake County judge's decree that city employees can't also hold elected positions (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 35. Griffith man sentenced to 2 years in prison for his part in 'card-cracking' bank fraud scheme (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 36. Public-safety agencies are now using drones to monitor fires, search for suspects (WBBM AM 780)
· 37. Illinois Secretary of State to resume mailing out license-plate renewal notices (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 38. One person dead, one wounded in shooting outside North Chicago gas station (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 39. New Trier High School graduate Charlie Tilson traded to Chicago White Sox, eager to play at U.S. Cellular Field (Chicago Tribune/Winnetka Talk)
· 40. Evanston removes rules, fees on taxis to level the playing field with Uber, Lyft (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
· 41. Buffalo Creek Brewing LLC has eyes on former Long Grove art gallery for new brewery (Daily Herald)
· 42. Waukegan hires Maryland artist to create sculpture honoring science-fiction writer Ray Bradbury (Daily Herald)
· 43. Panera Bread to replace Pizza Hut location in Mundelein (Daily Herald)
· 44. Barrington motorcyclist killed in southern Wisconsin after trying to pass a truck in a no-passing zone (Daily Herald)
· 45. Arlington Heights considering hiking stormwater fee to pay for $40 million sewer project designed to alleviate flooding issues (Daily Herald)
· 46. Lake Zurich High School to have lacrosse team this coming school year ahead of state sanctioning in 2018 (Daily Herald)
· 47. Switzerland, San Francisco investment firms to jointly buy Rolling Meadows office building leased mainly to Capital One Financial (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 48. Des Plaines dentist settles lawsuit for $675,000 after dropping sharp object down Hoffman Estates man's throat during root-canal procedure (CBS 2)
· 49. Arlington Heights man charged with shooting his wife to death while she held the couple's 1-year-old baby (CBS 2)
· 50. Chicago man arrested, charged with residential burglary that occurred July 29 in Des Plaines (FOX 32)
· 51. Elgin Community College gets grant to help low-income, minority, first-generation immigrant students continue education (Daily Herald)
· 52. St. Charles City Council questions economic return of $526,000 payment to Greater St. Charles Convention and Visitors Bureau (Daily Herald)
· 53. Hillside Fire Department responds to hazardous-materials situation along Mannheim Road (ABC 7)
· 54. WalletHub places Aurora as 103rd best city in which to flip a house (NBC 5)
· 55. Victims, families decry reinstatement of Aurora volleyball coach accused of sexual abuse of teens (ABC 7)
· 56. Windows of Naperville chiropractor's office shot out with BB guns over weekend (FOX 32)
· 57. Naperville man admits lying about not having been a member of Chinese Community Party in order to get immigration granted (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 58. New trail for Hidden Lake Forest Preserve near Downers Grove tied to improvements at Route 53 and Butterfield Road (Daily Herald)
· 59. Ikea, Samsung leasing industrial space at CenterPoint Intermodal Center near Joliet/Elwood (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 60. Alsip settles sexual-harassment lawsuit filed by former village treasurer against mayor for $120,000 (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 61. Bolingbrook police: Teen allegedly shot to death by Chicago police was driving a car stolen from Bolingbrook (Chicago Tribune)
· 62. Federal prosecutors subpoena Lincoln-Way High School District 210's e-mails involving ex-superintendent, certain board members (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 63. Four people arrested after home invasion and armed robbery in Matteson turns into barricade situation (NBC 5)
· 64. Police: One person in custody after Lansing woman beaten to death in domestic dispute (Chicago Tribune)
· 65. New Portage High School coach has shorter commute from Valparaiso than to his previous jobs (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 66. St. John Town Council removes member of Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals based on his registration as Democrat and his voting as Republican (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 67. Gary resident claims she was kicked out of Family Dollar store because of her Muslim clothing (ABC 7)
· 68. Crown Point to focus on getting new police station; new City Hall put on back burner (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 69. Merrillville-based Polycon Industries to hire 100 new employees after $15 million expansion is complete (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 70. Crown Point man convicted of illegally voting in Hebron after 2012 move (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 71. Municipalities' social-media policies place controls on public discussions (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
· 72. With 594 reported deaths, Illinois on pace to have more than 1,000 traffic fatalities in 2016 (WBBM AM 780)
· 73. Evanston residents, cyclists at odds over narrowing of streets with the addition of bike lanes (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
· 74. Speechwriter for former GOP Presidential candidate Jeb Bush sworn in as Grayslake village trustee (Daily Herald)
· 75. Victim of domestic abuse, seen being beat in Antioch bar, left with questions even after the man who attacked her is in prison (CBS 2)
· 76. Chicago Bears to have public practice at Warren Township High School in Gurnee on Aug. 20 (NBC 5)
· 77. Wilmette native Charlie Tilson, new Chicago White Sox center fielders, out for season with hamstring injury (CBS 2)
· 78. Cream Bar Ice Cream Sandwiches to open shop in former Red Mango site at Streets of Woodfield in Schaumburg in late August (Daily Herald)
· 79. Headstone found in Arlington Heights back yard returned to Inverness cemetery (Daily Herald)
· 80. Laser Center to build manufacturing facility in Schaumburg (Daily Herald)
· 81. Neighbors upset that Schaumburg resident gets to keep 30-foot trailer in driveway; village says there's no ordinance prohibiting it (CBS 2)
· 82. Schaumburg look for shirtless man wants in connection with business burglary who may also have been responsible for another burglary in Elk Grove Village (FOX 32)
· 83. Black family from Mount Prospect wins lawsuit against white neighbor over racially-motivated harassment (Chicago Tribune)
· 84. Carpentersville Walmart refunds tax overcharges during first 11 days of store's operation (Chicago Tribune/Elgin Courier-News)
· 85. Owner of Rolling Meadows Walmart indicted on charges of bank fraud related to a mortgage scam run while he operated an Elmhurst mortgage company (Daily Herald)
· 86. Elgin Area Unit School District U-46, Geneva Unit School District 302 sign deal allowing joint swimming, diving teams at South Elgin High (Daily Herald)
· 87. Hanover Park Village Board appoints deputy police chief to top-cop post (Daily Herald)
· 88. USPS semi strikes SUV on Route 83 in Elmhurst, hospitalizing two people (Chicago Tribune)
· 89. Naperville police looking for man, naked except for a baseball cap, who got out of an SUV in front of a 15-year-old girl near the Prairie Path (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 90. Hispanic man sought in robbery of Elmwood Park bank (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 91. St. Charles-based Pheasant Run Resort abandons plans for houses, intends to build stores on property following fight with DuPage Airport Authority (Daily Herald)
· 92. Subsidiary of Toronto-based insurance company buys Oak Park apartment building for about $68 million (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 93. Aurora man charged with murder in shooting at Latin American Club (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 94. Woman files lawsuit against driver, driver's employer over July 16 crash that killed both her parents on I-290 near Elmhurst (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 95. Naperville man arrested after his mother reports finding items stolen during recent vehicle burglaries (Daily Herald)
· 96. Graue Mill in Oak Brook reopens for the season (Daily Herald)
· 97. Man struck and killed by freight train in Blue Island (Chicago Tribune)
· 98. Evergreen Park man sentenced to 3 years in prison for reckless homicide after he struck and killed a German tourist in Chicago (CBS 2)
· 99. 50-year-old Oswego man charged with felony stalking of Naperville teen (Daily Herald)
· 100. Grandfather dies after he and grandson pulled from pool in Lansing (CBS 2)
· 101. Man pleads guilty to two counts of aggravated DUI in crash that killed two parents, injured three children; sentenced to 15 years in prison (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 102. Group looks to build multi-agency training facility similar to Glenview, Ill.-based Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Academy in Valparaiso (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 103. Indiana Department of Natural Resources releases $1.3 million in funds to improve lakes and streams throughout state, including Lake Michigan (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 104. Michigan City Common Council approves $5,000 annual scholarships for high school graduates funded by casino revenues (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 105. Lake Station man in prison for dealing drugs is among 214 people whose sentences were commuted Wednesday by President Barack Obama (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 106. LaPorte County Board decides to enforce 12-ton truck-weight limit on roads connected to sand-pit site that commissioners previously gave permission to operate (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 107. Taxpayers in 70 school districts footing bill for $4 million to send more than 3,000 teachers back to college (Daily Herald)
· 108. Illinois sets first-ever hunting/trapping regulations for bobcats, but northeastern Illinois is off limits (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 109. Smithsonian's National Museum hopes skeleton of Glenview scientist who died 150 years ago will reveal his cause of death (Chicago Tribune)
· 110. Man shot in both legs during attempted robbery in Skokie; suspects at large (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 111. American lotuses return to bloom in Chain O' Lakes (Daily Herald)
· 112. Riverside police catch abused dog after resident reports animal outside their gate (CBS 2)
· 113. Man settles lawsuit alleging Fox Lake Police harassed him in Gliniewicz case (Chicago Tribune)
· 114. Light the Lamp Brewery in Grayslake plans expansion, move to 100-year-old building (Daily Herald)
· 115. Park Ridge Public Library considers allowing Maine Township High School District 207 teachers to get library cards, even if they don't live in the city (Daily Herald)
· 116. Hanover Park Runners group hopes to encourage community to run every week (Daily Herald)
· 117. Cook County judge appoints Kane County State's Attorney as special prosecutor in Laquan McDonald murder case (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 118. Kane County State's Attorney working to implement decriminalization of marijuana possession (Daily Herald)
· 119. Burr Ridge lake mysteriously drains in hours, leaving residents angry and confused (ABC 7)
· 120. Former Wheaton College student sentenced to 6 months in jail for secretly videotaping female students inside college-owner apartment building (ABC 7)
· 121. 19-year-old Auroran cited for driving while drugged in fatal Oct. 2015 crash on I-88 near Downers Grove (FOX 32)
· 122. Plainfield man charged with inappropriate contact with a child at Hinsdale Oasis (FOX 32)
· 123. Lombard Village Board considers raising restaurant tax, eliminate taxi-subsidy program to fill estimated $1.6 million budget deficit (Daily Herald)
· 124. Naperville collects 128 designs for new city flag; winner to be announced Nov. 4 at TEDx Naperville (Daily Herald)
· 125. Elmhurst couple jailed for wife's alleged sexual assault of a minor, husband's attempt to dissuade or bribe victim out of testifying (Daily Herald)
· 126. Authorities search for boyfriend of woman shot to death in Country Club Hills (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 127. Jailed ex-Bolingbrook cop Drew Peterson sues village to get police pension back (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 128. Gear from Romeoville-based Isovac Products in place for use during Rio de Janeiro Olympics (Chicago Tribune)
· 129. Harvey man charged with murder in infant's shaking death three years ago (Chicago Tribune)
· 130. Man who assaulted Lake County, Ind., police officers near Shelby, Ind., facing extradition to Illinois to face charge of murdering Lansing woman (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 131. Gary Dollar Express issues apology after clerk kicked Muslim woman out of store for wearing hijab and niqab (ABC 7)
· 132. Crown Point Little League team to compete in Cal Ripkin Majo60 World Series on Aug. 13 in Florida (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 133. Indiana Court of Appeals rules that police must get warrant to obtain cell-phone location data (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 134. Illinois Department of Public Health reports 46 cases of Zika virus in state; eight are pregnant women (CBS 2)
· 135. Boston-based Drizly to expand alcohol-delivery platform to Arlington Heights, Barrington, Crystal Lake and Norridge (Chicago Tribune)
· 136. Victims of fiery crash on I-80 near Ottawa include man from Warrenville, couple from Highland, Ind. (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 137. Lincolnwood gun shop/shooting range gets permit to open under court order (Chicago Tribune)
· 138. Virtual-reality roller coaster 'Demon' scheduled to debut Aug. 13 at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee (NBC 5)
· 139. Deerfield couple, son to appear in court on charges related to domestic incident that injured three police officers (Chicago Tribune/Deerfield Review)
· 140. Lincolnshire working with Stevenson High School graduate on new village logo, municipal-marketing project (Daily Herald)
· 141. Longtime Maine Township trustee takes over for retired township highway commissioner (Daily Herald)
· 142. Man sues Palatine pet daycare facility for allegedly losing his dog (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 143. Schaumburg man who challenged village's treehouse ordinance removes structure, tree to get $100 fine dismissed (Daily Herald)
· 144. Commuters will be able to pay via mobile app at Fox River Grove Metra lot beginning Aug. 15 (Daily Herald)
· 145. Work on Arlington Heights' north parking garage completed (Daily Herald)
· 146. Illinois Attorney General investigating whether Aurora Public Library Board illegally discussed budget cuts, reduction in operating hours, layoffs in closed session (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 147. Motorcyclist killed in crash on Randall Road in Batavia (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 148. Rosemont hotel evacuated after fire breaks out; firefighters find 'suspicious materials' inside room where blaze broke out (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 149. York High School cross-country coach Joe Newton to retire at end of 2016-17 school year (Daily Herald)
· 150. Naperville police arrest four people during reverse-prostitution sting (FOX 32)
· 151. Glendale Heights couple found dead in home, likely of carbon-monoxide poisoning (FOX 32)
· 152. Kane County Health Department reports 3 cases of Zika virus from travel (Chicago Tribune/Elgin Courier-News)
· 153. Downers Grove village attorney: Sandack's resignation from Legislature had nothing to due with his role at state representative (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 154. Patients at Palos Heights-based Palos Community Hospital relocated after construction workers let bat inside (ABC 7)
· 155. Monee mayor charged with aggravated battery for punching ump during July game (NBC 5)
· 156. Jury convicts Portage teen in 2014 shooting death of Portage man (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 157. Pure Cravings Paleo Meals offers prepackaged meals out of Crown Point (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 158. Former Merrillville Dollar Tree manager accused of robbing former employer with help of two Gary men (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 159. Illinois governor signs bill into law allowing 17-year-olds who turn 18 before the general election to vote in primaries (ABC 7)
· 160. Deer Park considers applying for grant to renovate, beautify D'Angelo Park (Daily Herald)
· 161. McHenry man turns himself in after sheriff's police raid his house, find heroin and scales (FOX 32)
· 162. Child struck by van while walking between O'Hare International Airport Terminal 1 and Hilton Hotel (ABC 7)
· 163. Judge dismisses felony official misconduct charges against former McHenry County coroner, whose office didn't bury two dead babies (Chicago Tribune)
· 164. Chicago man killed in forklift accident at Des Plaines warehouse (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 165. Campton Hills looking to temp agency to fill village administrator's post (Daily Herald)
· 166. DuPage County Board ponders spending $282,000 on lobbyists in Springfield (Daily Herald)
· 167. Make-A-Wish Foundation gives Oak Park teen, who underwent three heart surgeries as an infant, a trip to Rio de Janeiro Olympics (NBC 5)
· 168. Lansing-based Sunnybrook Elementary School District 171 sees only half the expected number of kindergartners enrolled as predicted (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 169. Hammond woman killed by gun that discharged inside the car she was riding in (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 170. Valparaiso looking to buy Moose Lodge property, to build civic center there (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 171. Bureau of Motor Vehicles asks Indiana residents to vote for new license-plate design before Sept. 5 (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 172. Three local residents hope to establish hockey rink in Hobart (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 173. Suburbs turn attention to dead, dying trees on private properties, threatening or imposing fines to get homeowners to get rid of them (Chicago Tribune)
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